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Chemical-Engineering Hot is not so much the physical appearance of an individual of the female gender but more so the mental state of mind of her observer. It has been scientifically proven that throughout the years of undergraduate study, and being constantly exposed to a mass majority of ugly girls ones standard of what makes a girl hot dramatically decreases. The unfortunate side effect of this is known to make girls appear to be much more attractive than they really are on the street.
It has been shown that a similar condition can occur in a number of situations and places such as the work environment, a fishing boat, the desert, after indulging in mass quantities of alcohol the bar is closing and its monday night and if there is one female left alive.
1st: Conversation between two male, 1st year Year Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
male 1:" Man, we really get screwed in this department every girl in this class looks as if they were beaten with the really big over sized ugly stick, (girl 1) makes me want to vomit"
male 2: " Oh my god, I know! In my my Pysch 101 class the hot girls just pour in and the class room holds 400 students and half of them are sexy girls"

----------------2 years elapse------------------------
Conversation between the same 2 males now as 3rd year Chemical Engineering Undergraduates
male 1:" Dude, call me crazy but, girl one is kinda sexy in here own little way dont you think?"
male 2:" You know I was thinking the same thing but, I didn't want to be the one who said it, I would say shes at least a 9"
--------------------class ends males are walking to student center-----------
male 1: " Guy, I think were going crazy because shes really not attractive compared to all these other girls"
male 2: " Yeah you are right shes just Chemical-Engineering Hot"

But the truth of the matter is girl 1s appearance as steady declined over the pass 3 year.
by kminor2578 July 02, 2010
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