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Chelise is a kind and caring person, she will always make you laugh even when you are down. She is beautiful and is loyal to her friends. She normally likes guys that are tall blonde and handsome. She will stick by you always
I wish Chelise was my friend
by Wanda Moulser September 28, 2018
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a person that thinks highly of herself. Often dark-headed with dark eyes and lacking in height. Some boys mistake her as highly attractive, though she may be on the outside, she is not on the inside. Usually semi athletic, but is nice to tell problems to when you are down.
Shut up, you're such a Chelise!
by voldemort101 July 02, 2011
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A small woman. Dark hair, dark eyes. Generally, Chèlise’s are humble, and kind. They spend time looking after others, which often makes them appear weak. They are advocates, usually planning something in their mind. They are intelligent, and try to help others when they can. They are often held back by their own insecurities. After scary movies they generally shut off their lights and jump onto their bed quick to avoid any monsters. They are often ambitious in all areas of their life including sports, travel, and jealousy, they are always trying to make themselves and others proud. Usually afraid of feeling major FOMO. They enjoy singing but often forget lyrics due to fear of Screwing up, karaoke makes them feel safe. Chèlise’s live by the motto “why not” and “YOLO”. They love Indian food.
She was acting like a Chèlise last night after the movie.
by Preety.Lil.Layers January 27, 2019
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