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Someone who's always stuffing Cheetos in there mouth and the orange powder sticks to there teeth and lips
Kaylee : Is that Chad's wife wow she's really Packin On The Pounds!
Kiersten : Yeah she's a regular blimp lucky for Chad he get's to Fuck A tone little body like mine!
Kaylee : I feel really bad for her since her husband's not attracted to her anymore and she's A fat cow!
Kiersten : Chad likes girls who can wrap there legs around his waste and fuck him while he's standing up!
Kaylee : Well I just hope you don't start Packin On The Pounds he may get rid of you as well!
Kiersten : I will ignore the words that just came from your mouth cause I will never get fat!
Kaylee : Never say never Cheeto Breathe!
by SlopNChop May 05, 2017
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