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A group of adolescent teenage African boys originating from Maryland. They only recruit before October 10th each year but few are accepted.
It's an EXCLUSIVE group that carries so much swag from Vans to vintage sweaters to thrift store underwear.
In their free time they go to the Town Center, look at titties, get their wombos sucked, and kill goats to eat for dinner.
The females of this group are called "Cheetah Girls" but as of today, no females are in it.
Common words used among this group are "heem", "swag", "smang", and "swank".
Akata: Aye man can I join Cheetah Gang?
CG Member: My friend! Are you daft?! FOOL, GERROUT OF MY SIGHT.

Woman: Heyyyy, um *twirls hair, bites lip* can I join Cheetah Gang?
CG Member: Show me dem titties first! SIKE, WE ARE AN ALL SAUSAGE GROUP, YOU AIN'T BOUDDA GET IT. But still show me yo titties tho.
by ZooKeeperCheetahz October 23, 2011
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