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(n) Pronounced: che-zey snatch

1. Best describes a womans vagina after a rather strenious activity, such as exercise or fucking.

2. When sitting close to a girl who was obviously not washed for a number of days, such as after a multi-day festival or camping trip, and you can smell her vagina from where you are.

3. The state of a girls vagina, unkept, messy and smells bad.
Man 1: How was last night with that bird that you pick up?
Man 2: Yeah it was good until she asked me to go down on her, smelt like rotten cheese left behind the furnace for a week, hairer then a damn dog.
Man 1: Psst! hey can you smell that?
Man 2: Yeah I dont think that Jane was washed for a few days!
Man !: Yeah thats one cheesy snatch, bet it oozes out sauce!
Man: Damn girl do you ever maintain?
Girl: No im not really into that...
Man: Fuck you and your hippy values bitch shave and shower or im going to piss on your face
Girl: Well.....
by Dr. RazBerry August 28, 2009
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