cheese gnomes are small genetically disabled people who reside in refridgerators. Know widely throught history for the blatant pilfering of the last piece of chesse in the fridge.
have been known to go as far as stealing other acouterments and making small sandwiches for sustinence of their family. possible origin of the tea sandwich.
it is written that in the 60's there was an infestation of small people in the royal castle's kitchens in Britania. the media brushed it away as a small rebelist group of american hippies looking for food, when in fact they were cheese gnomes
by Reaper1331 August 30, 2007
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the sweat traped between your gooch and your sac and when you scratch it comes off.
dav i was visited by the nut cheese gnome at work today.
by the squeege August 21, 2006
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Okay, this takes some explaining.
1. First of all, take the world 'homeboy' then old-peopleize it, and a middle-aged hippy would change it slowly into home-cheese. So. Instead of saying 'home-cheese' we can now say 'gnome cheese'.
2. Cheese made by a gnome.

Will- "WuzzAAAAp Gnome Cheese???"
Will- "I know, I was talkin' to Nick. He's my gnome cheese."
Nick- (Cracking up, falls out of chair with laughter)

Will's mom- "I got some great new Goat Cheese at the store."
Will- "You know what's eighty times better for you than Goat cheese??? Gnome cheese."
Will's mom- "What???"
Will="Gnome cheese. Cheese, made by a gnome. It's packed with dairy and the balls are usually rolled in nuts. Gnome cheese is packed with antioxidants."

by JRFan July 01, 2007
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