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: influence put on individuals by a person or persons to emphasize the positive aspects of a given topic to the point of excessive enthusiasm, or suppress any potential criticism.

: a subset of peer pressure that encourages people to ignore the flaws in something, often at the expense of progress.

Origin of Cheer Pressure

Hello Internet (a UK based podcast)

*Attributed to Brady Haran; tough as nails co-host of H.I and amateur flag critic.
Brody: That Elon Musk is having a right hard time getting SpaceX to self-land. He needs to pull it together man.

Person: You shouldn't talk bad about SpaceX Brody, you're a science person!

Brody: Yeah right, that's just cheer pressure. Come on man, you gotta be tough as tacks like me.
by TheDrukenScholar May 22, 2016
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This is a type of bullying. The person or group that is participating in bullying is typically someone who places a thing, a topic or a particular subject in such a high remark that anyone who criticize it or talks down on the topic is cheer pressured to change their mind or to stop the criticism.
I have been cheer pressured by gear heads to stop complaining about the noise coming from the race track near by.
by Dniedacess May 24, 2016
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