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Derived from the popular term for Mexican cowboys, "rancheros", or "cheds" for short, chedestrians are much like any other pedestrian you might encounter out on the street. Apart from their overall Mexican-ness in physical appearance, chedestrians can be easily identified by their Mexo-cowboy hats, pointy cockroach stomper boots, flamboyant button-up shirts and gold necklaces with large pendants of either a scorpion, Jesus on the cross, la Virgen de Guadalupe or a Nike swoosh. Although most cheds prefer to travel inside of either a Ford Mustang or F-150, occasionally you will encounter one (or a few if you're lucky) traveling by foot.
Dude, I was driving down Federal Blvd. the other day and nearly hit 3 chedestrians with my car! They came out of nowhere, holding their corn on cob in one hand and grocery bag in the other!!
by Guaky May 10, 2011
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