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Pioneered by smokeless tobacco users in Northeast Pennsylvania. A chaw ride consists of: a car full of friends, a full tank of gas, and no particular destination. Participants throw in a big wad of smokeless tobacco and the adventure begins. Chaw Rides can take place anywhere, anytime. Although, their more prominent in the countryside during the fall and winter months because there's nothing else to do in NEPA. Chaw Rides are at least one hour in duration. 80's hair metal is the perfect compliment to any Ride.
I just topped off the Camry with Unleaded. Let's go on a Chaw Ride!

Person A - There's nothing to do in this town.
Person B - Grab a spitter, we'll go on a Chaw Ride.
Person A - Excellent idea.
by PIT VIPER September 15, 2009
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