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An end-of-days style, seemingly apocalyptic situation, caused predominantly by underclass or disaffected youth.

Characterised by looting, beatings, knifings, firebombs, general rioting, but aimed mostly at the police, small grocery stores, and sportswear & mobile phone retailers.

Excuses for such behaviour tend to take into account little understanding of socio-economic mechanisms. ie: "We're getting our taxes back", whilst stealing a plasma TV from an electronic store, fails to take into account the general rise in insurance and tax required to pay for the action.

On a small scale, Chavpocalypse takes place at weekends in most small towns and cities.
"What we see here is the beginning of the Chavpocalypse, where the great ignored and criminal rise up to get a slightly better pair of trainers."

"Looks like there's been a bit of a Chavpocalypse."

chav riot underclass looting firebomb chavalanche rise of the fucktards charvageddon
by CamdenDante August 10, 2011
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