chav "clothes" consist of shity tracksuits and often fake burberry skarves and "bling", often the tracksuits are fake as well, ok there one big fake fuck, and what makes it worse is that they acctually like living in poverty and wearing shity fake clothes. there generally all mouth and think there rocky, but they aint they just think they are because there in big groups of "mates". generally found around macdonalds, this species remain to loiter our streets, and make england into the fuck hole it is now because of them
i walked into town, and 3 in 4 people are chavs, wearing nothing but fake trackies and "bling" chav clothes, are so argh anoying..
by xrider April 29, 2006
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Chav clothing sports attire such as local football team used in London UK areas
Look at that bloke with the chav clothing and the iq reducer.
by TurboDisturbo April 25, 2020
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