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Ahh the race of chavs. The newest known danger to the world, atmosphere and mainly Barry and Cogan. Chavettes - even cooler! Keep them babies comin' young mothers - WE LOVE IT! Things commonly associated with chavs - burberry, the word "like", tracksuits, dunks, hats, fags, gold earrings, booze, 50 cent, The Vibe, Creation, the words "innit, ini", the word " safe ", the word "fock" and many more! Romily park in Barry - lush central! It's bloody brilliant! All the shmooookers with asbo's! How fabulous!A term that represents the current youth culture of britain. Easy to spot, just look for people with gangsta limps and fake jewelery too heavy to carry. White chavs often think they're black, and black chavs just follow the rest of the rules above. Do not disrespect a chav their face, or they will as I'm sure they'll tell you - "fock you up" which although sounds EXTREMELY FUN ( a bunch of chavs chasin after you shouting and swearing - GREAT:D) would most probably be painful!
The Vibe. Held at the Memorial Hall, Barry. A Splendifferous place to go chav hunting ( our favourite sport ). You walk in and instantly you can smell the chavness. Everywhere you turn you're smothered in the shortest skirts, push up bra's and tops made out of dental floss or maybe even bikini tops, caked on make up and gold hoops. As for the boys there are basketball tops, baggy jeans, hats to the side, earrings bigger than the girls. Scatty gold chains that they think are cool and just an all around essence of " YOU FIT LIKE ". The aim of the vibe is to get off with as many ugly, scatty chavs as you can but the trick is, you must not know them. The average is about 5 - 6 chavs - how exciting! And you're lucky if you get one of those people's name! The scatty pumping music that all sounds the same and the pathetic bobbing they call dancing - what a place to be.. in chav heaven:)
by Bex And Andy! June 27, 2005
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