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A large group of weenies who have inflated egos because they are popular in a forum on an anime website. They become famous for namedropping each other and posting their nude photos online.

They are all most certainly ugly in real life.
CB Regular #1: Hey sup let's become chatterbox regs by posting our usernames over and over again until people remember them!

CB Regular #2: Awesome just let me finish posting my nudes!
by lolidkwatbbq February 13, 2010
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- Gaians who posts in the Chatterbox everyday gaiaonline.
- People who has a lot of time to spare.

incomplete list of cb regs...

. Lettuce prey . Pandemon . B A N N 3 D-D . Bawful . iiTehPrince . stripes desu . The_HugePh3nom . Divine Zero . General Boo . Airlaith . Captain Putzbeard . Rinaldi Von Izeburn . iPrinceBel . Tarukikun . Fake Lesbian Crush . Bulbol . 12AD . Enma_ai_oujo . XxOnly_the_fallenxX . Feeds like cancer . Ezuka . Woozey . FULLY EQUIPPED . La Mort De Madame .
GDer: Oh hey, Are you guys newbs? I haven't seen you in the GD before...

CBer: O HAI :D We came from the CB, We post there everyday... we're the chatterbox regs.

GDer: Grrrr...

CBer: 8)
by Stay_anonymous August 30, 2009
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