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Childish wannabe depressed that works as a fake cutter. She's very hypocritical, she's just an allusion please ignore her. Won't stop fighting in an emotional,dramatic way. A very wild girl
by Xxxthotslayer_69_curtain April 06, 2019
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Our typical attention whore and wannabe special snowflake, will go to any lengths to grab attention from others. Such as (not limited to): manipulation, agressive tendencies, over dramatic behaviour, and self-diagnosis of multiple mental disorders. Also known to show the mental age and reason of a 3 year old. Besides having the mentality of a 3 year old, she shows extreme cases of hypocrisy. Will always play the victim card has to blame everyone and anyone for her own mistakes; asks to be told an offensive joke, blames other for saying it. Will always have irrelevant, short termed relationships that will include any form of manipulation (longest relationship(online): 2months). Presents extremely high self-esteem and sense of self as lack of self-esteem; reinforcing her hypocritical behaviour.

All the toxic qualities a person could ever have in a nutshell.
“Oh my god, what a Chatchaya”

“Did you just pull a Chatchaya?”
Jeez, your relationships don’t last long. What are you, a Chatchaya?”
by JusticeJuice April 07, 2019
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a smart attractive woman who is generous, has a lot of sense of humor, imaginative and sensible. Chatchaya also refers to brilliant prosperous philosopher
eg. You are so Chatchaya. I love you.
by Godess gorgeous January 07, 2012
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An insensible self-centered whore who begs for penis and will never have any.
She's such a Chatchaya, she begs for her father's penis!!!!
by Ohnodontpenismedaddy April 07, 2019
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