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When your powers of man-ness are used to influence a woman to do your bidding. This level of influence is usually skewed by your own perversion and often makes the woman want to immediately toss your salad and swallow large quantities of love mayonaise. This gift of persuasion also, more times than not, involves the charmed female diving into a small swimming pool filled with chocolate pudding and other women with an extreme urge to clean the drowning pudding victims with her tongue.

Can also be when a dood is so cool that when he farts or shits his pants, all women within the vicinity are completely impressed instead of disgusted. High fives are generally issued, in large quantity by the women to the man. He is said to have major charmfluence.
That guy had some charmfluence, man, did you see how he dumped his drawers and gave that chickie poo a Cleveland steamer !

WTF! She totally high fived him for it too!
by TheFreyMan October 28, 2009
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