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A girl who is fun and like to have a good time. Is loving and sweet. Thinks of others more then herself and always wants what is best. She doesn't want others to dislike her. Pretty girl with brown eyes and a good body.
Charlsey is the definition of what boys like.
by Lovleyygrll3797 July 08, 2011
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Charlsey is a beautiful brown eyed brown hair women who is always up for a adventure asking as it doesn’t scare her. She’s a dreamer who wishfully dreams that she’s a doer. Charlsey is the perfect middle child who gets forgotten about but doesn’t complain because she can get into all kinds of mischief. Also voted prom queen and most likely to have a child at 16.
Damn have you seen that new girl Charlsey ain’t she a looker? Wonder when she’s due
by Anon42026 October 17, 2019
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