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A great home-town, just ask Thomas Jefferson!

A refreshingly progressive, if somewhat conservative college town at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia, known for it's high dollar bucolic surroundings, historical architecture, drunken coeds, Shifflett population, Thomas Jefferson's University, "the corner", trendy downtown mall, Fridays after Five, local moonshine & home-made pot brownies, just like Mammy used to bake...
Dude, T.J. was one president with awesome balls! He had more black progeny than any white man in history, and he was from Charlottesville (C'ville, Ch'ville, CHO).
Hey, you going downtown to Fridays After Five? Saw it in the C'ville. I'm picking up my girl at CHO then we'll catch the Chicken Heads opening for the Charlottesville Blues Allstars.
Went to the UVA corner for a bite, man, those coed hotties were a mess. If it wasn't for the Gucci & Prada I'd have thought they were Shifflett gals, up from the holler in C'ville to party.
by DurtyNelly December 24, 2011
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