Ahh Charlotte High school,The definiton of a corrupt school.
Sure,Some people might think its a great school.But 90% of the students will say they hate it.This school revolves around sports.When the hurricane hit punta gorda,the first thing charlotte high decided to do is rebulid the gym and football stadium.Get the point?Hell,half the teachers are coaches.And theres so many cliques you can't count.
You have your typical snobby girls who think their hot shit when in reality there going absolutley nowhere in life.Then theres the rednecks,all they do is chew tobacco which i guess the staff could give a shit about.Even though it's a tobacco free campus.
And of course whats a high school without jocks,the Jocks basically rule the school,that is if there good,which most of them are not.Not to mention about 75% of the kids at charlotte smoke pot.And if your being picked on,Don't tell a teacher or the "resource officer".they'll just try to scare the bully with a detention or suspend him for two days.So,when i ask someone what they plan to do after the high school, they give me the same answer everytime.Get the fuck out of charlotte county.
-So,you hear about Charlotte High School Punta gorda,florida?
-Yeah,i heard it's the biggest shithole in the world.
by freshmen12344 March 31, 2009
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