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Behavior and/or appearance that is extremely mad, or disturbing; Actions or words that make those around uncomfortable or ill; Taking one’s behavior to a very high level of madness, and mental instability; Being so unstable and profoundly delusional as to be considered a professional at it; bizarre or eccentric behaviour that puts those who witness it in a state of significant unease; Persistent partying (i.e. drinking, drug usage etc.) so extreme and beyond the pale that it disrupts the normal functioning of one's brain and neural operations
“I am into wild partying and all, but trust me, I am not going to go Charlie Sheen Crazy any time soon.”

“I would be careful around Sylvio and Muamar. When those two dudes get together, they go Charlie Sheen Crazy.”

REPORTER: "Senator, how are you going to explain this behaviour to your constituents?"

SENATOR: "Good question Will. I think I’ll do a suitcase of cocaine, sleep with a couple of porn stars cum hookers, go without sleep for 72 hours and then do an interview on ABC. I feel like going Charlie Sheen Crazy with this."
by Sunderwear March 03, 2011
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