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a predator to be feared by all who come in contact with her. this girl is seen at the bar 6 nights a week, never able to form a remotely logical sentence, and constantly prowling for the cock. more often than not she is a sorority girl who has already been slammed by you and all your buddies. she has every STD known to man and probably has brewed a few of her own in that nasty fuck slot of hers. The Charleston Schlompdonkey commonly preys on your inability to have any sense of whats going on around last call. this slopper cons you into walking her home from the bar only to drag you into her lair once you reach her house. once inside you are at this beasts mercy, and are in for a sloppy unprotected freakfest. after this late night encounter you generally are filled with a feeling of confusion, disgust, and a burning sensation when you piss.
you see Matt leave the Silver Dollar with that slut last night?

ya man, that charleston schlompdonkey has been nailed by at least 15 of my buddies
by youk October 28, 2007
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