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Charles Ramsey Moment: 1. An unexpected fearless embrace. 2. Any unexpected affectionate behavior toward person A. Charles Ramsey, male, gruff, unkempt, lower-class from person B. female, young, attractive, upper-class who might otherwise be expected to have an avoidant or fearful response. 3. Any unexpected, or uncharacteristic spontaneous affection, from one individual to another. Stereotypically female to male, but may occur between any two dissimilar individuals.

Rationale: There seems to be no single word or commonly used phrase to express in English the idea of unexpected affectionate behavior.

Origin: Charles Ramsey reluctant Cleveland hero
"I knew somethin' was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Somethin' is WRONG here. Dead giveaway! Deaaaddddd giveaway. Deaaaaadddddddddddddd giveaway. She homeless or she's got problems. That's the only reason she's running to a black man!"
1. I was covered in mud when I stumbled into the cheerleaders practice room. When they showered me with sudden hugs an kisses, I thought I was having Charles Ramsey Moment.
2. I was a black man wearing a kippah she met moments before, so when she offered me a seat in the synagogue next to her mother and father, I thought, “Damn, she’s got chutzpah. I’m having a Charles Ramsey moment.”
3. He was a Palestinian laborer; she was the Rabbi’s favorite daughter. When she accepted his offer (of a ride, of a glass of water, to hide her, to hold her hand, to pull out the thorn), they were having Charles Ramsey Moment.
by WhoJewNewJew September 16, 2013
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