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A highly sophisticated version of the more commonly known game of Beer Pong. Whereas the traditional participants of Beer Pong tend to be low lifes, inbreeds, hillbillys, morons, 909ers, students from colleges in the southeast US, etc., Chardonnay Pong attracts a more refined level of idiot. The more expensive the Chardonnay, the more important to humanity the Chardonnay Pong player is. Entry level players will often utilize "box" variety Chardonnay, thereby relegating themselves to subhuman/neanderthal status. Some players have been known to utilize a crude and disgusting horse piss swill known as 2 buck chuck for their proceedings. This is common among Cro Mag project executives and pre-construction managers in Southern California.
Jacko - I've been training big time for the Chardonnay Pong tournament at Snowbird next month. I'm gonna beat all a yous like rented mules.

Oldog - Right on Jacko, have you been hitting that case of Mondavi Private Reserve I gave you for Xmas?

Jacko - No Oldog, I prefer the 2 buck chuck - mmm good! Pour me another boot Charty.
by Tiburonian December 20, 2010
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