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A drinking game created by the gang in "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". The rules are complex. Although it is called the game of games, its actually a war.

Asking questions is not allowed during while the clock is running; the offending team must drink for 5 seconds.
If player spills, his team chugs the opposing teams drinks.
Cheating is ok but there are penalties if caught. If a player is caught cheating while both teams are at the same level the opposing team advances one level. If they are at different levels and the lower level team cheats, they must drink. If the team at the higher level is caught the opposing team advances to the same level.
level one starts, a fifteen minute timer begins, only stops in time stoppages
Preround - Sip wine in a British accent after all wine glasses must be finished and smashed to the floor, the teams may then put on war dances to intimidate.
Level 1 (Mind): Trivia, Puzzles, and Artistry
At this stage only wine is served.
To advance a team must earn three cards
Level 2 (Body): Physical Challenge, Pain, and Endurance
At this stage only beer is served.
To advance a team must earn 2 cards
There is no cursing allowed, offending team must chug beer for 5 seconds while other team counts.
Level 3 (Soul): Emotional Battery and Public Humiliation
At this stage only hard liquor is served.
To win the team must earn three cards
YOU-"Dude, wanna get fucked up through an epic game which tests you mentally, physically and spiritually? Let's play Chardee Macdennis!"

FRIEND-"No, man, last time we played the game of games I went to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, a dart in my palm and a broken femur."
by AlwaySunnyinPhilly October 30, 2011
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