1. Militant, activist homosexuals who engage in domestic terrorism, usually as the military arm for so-called civil rights organizations or purely for self-serving reasons.

2. Domestic terrorists whose own homosexuality is their political cause. Being a Choas Knight (CK) is similar to other domestic terrorist organizations such as Sinn Fein or Hezbollah.

3. A person who is socially active in spreading the self-centered cause of his or her own homosexuality. The idea is to overthrow others' worldviews and interests and instead have them focused on the Chaos Knight himself/herself. Searching for worshippers, the Chaos Knight seeks to bully, intimidate, and harass others until they no longer give grievance to his/her open homosexuality.

4. Refers to bully homosexuals.
The Chaos Knights in Roswell, Georgia have climbed on top of their parents' houses and are demanding passersby to accept their golding homosexuality!
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