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A Chanessa is a gorgeous girl. Most of the time a Chanessa will have a beautiful smile, a fine ass, and/or lovely personality. Chanessa's are all ways fun to be around. They are usually the all around type of girl, great body, and perfect face, and the most amazing eyes, matching perfectly with there personality. When you are around a Chanessa for to long, it's almost impossible to not fall completely in love with them. They grow on you no matter how much you fight, so watch out. If you find a Chanessa do everything you can to keep them. You wont regret it! They might not always be there for you but there there when you most need it and are great friends.
That girl is such a Chanessa.

That chick has a Chanessa ass.

I thought I was frozen in time, but i was just looking into some Chanessa eyes.
by 14Izzy14 May 09, 2011
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