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A play on the name Chan (generalized term for an Asian male), and the word Mandingo (a word used to describe a male of African heritage who has a ridiculously large penis.) Chandingo, is used to describe the anomaly that is an Asian male, who has the breadth and length of a large black man's penis. As a result he will be frequently confused for a black man during shower time with other males, and will be exalted by females who marvel at his "Megatron sized schlong".
(Becky pulls Clara to the side and excitedly starts to whisper in her ear)

Becky: Oh my gosh! I think I've really fallen in love with Justin!

Clara: (Incredulous) Justin? Justin Long?But I thought you said you did'nt like guys with small penises...

Becky: I know but... (tosses head into air whilst maintaining a nostalgic smile on her face) we had sex last week and hes such a... such a...Chandingo!

Clara: ...

Becky: Clara, (looks into Clara's eyes and puts hands on Clara's cheeks) hes not hung like an elephant, elephants are hung like him...
by THELAUGHINGMAN3993 December 03, 2010
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