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She is a crazy one but can be very sweet. Don’t get on her bad side because she will take it to the next level. She usually stays to herself and has little friends. She’s a hoe. Chanayra doesn’t like people too much. She’s the tomboy/ girly type. She’s great to have as a girlfriend.
She acts just like Chanayra
by lovelycake September 23, 2018
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Is a tomboy slash girly girl she is always on her phone anoit with friends in high school she is a hoe an sometimes rude an disrespectful she can get mad especially if you talking family she cares a lot for people an she is also to get as a girlfriend they also pack you good
Meangirl: hey your family is a peac of shit
Chanayra : bitch stop fucking playing with me about my family fucking Donald trump bitch the fudge you wanna fight like right here right know the fuck
by Lalaklalagaga May 16, 2018
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