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The Champion of Cyrodiil is the player character of "The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion".

He is the one true man. Differently from the other heroes, he didn't have superpowers or any other shit like that, but it didn't stop him from getting his lazy ass up and do shit.

You wake up in a prison and some Dunmer faggot laughs at you. Suddenly Captain Picard comes through your cell. In short Captain Picard dies, gives you a red amulet and you flee. And so does your story begin.

In the ending, Mehruned Dagon, similar to the devil, storms in and decides to fuck shit up. In that moment Sean Bean shatters the Amulet and transforms into a dragon and burns Dagon's ass back to Oblivion.

After this, the Champion of Cyrodiil stops Umaril the Unfeathered, an ayleid bitch, and replaces Sheogorath.
The Dragonborn sucks ass compared to the Champion of Cyrodiil.
by Yeolch33kycunt January 18, 2015
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