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Any punk or hxc kid that comes from a rich background.

Some of them make up for it in ways, like getting away from living off of their parents money.

The majority, however, are much like Trustafarians (trust fund kids in the hippie scene) in that they rub shoulders with subculture that is less than affluent while having no real world problems themselves because they have infinite money via parents.

Some members of bands in the punk and hxc scene are champagne punks.

These people are fakes. If they are male they usually are womanizers and phony tough.

Champagne Punk is a play off of the phrase "champagne socialist," which is used to describe people who espouse the tenets of socialism while not living them. (if you are a socialist and rich you aren't sharing your money with everyone around you, you are just saying others should while you keep living the lifestyle of a capitalist)
"How does Joe afford to have an iphone without a job?"
"His parents pay all of his bills. He's a champagne punk."

"It must be nice to be able to go on tour and not worry about the future because your parents support your ass."
"Oh, to be a champagne punk."
by SHARP FOREVER August 02, 2012
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