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1. A subtle substitue for the phrase cock block. Mostly used by males, it allows the frustrated cock blockee to inform the cock blocker that he/she is coming between him and some snatch.

2. Derrogatory term for one who intentionally interrupts the flow of a man trying to hook-up with a girl.

3. Nickname for a person who is a galpal and talks shit about the guy whom is trying to get with his friend that is a girl.

4. The best defensive back in the NFL keeps wide receivers from scoring like cock blockers keep dudes from scoring aka getting some snatch
Airik: Man Neb always comes around when he knows that me and Kwaneesha are about to get the business!

Sam: Hell yeah man, I saw that shit! That motherfucker is always pullin a Champ Bailey!
by free42 November 08, 2007
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starting cornerback for the denver broncos. spent his college career at the university of georgia. Tied for the league lead with 10 interceptions in 2006. It could've been over 20 interceptions if teams would actually throw at him. The only quarterback to throw at Bailey was Matt Leinart, who got picked twice by Bailey.
Announcer: Another pick by Champ Bailey. If people threw at him, he would've been defensive MVP.
by seaaaa February 03, 2007
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