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"Chads and Ashleys" is an expression used to refer to the stereotypical group of young guys and girls who are spoiled and rich and live in "lily-white" suburbia. The Chads are known to pop their collars and use excessive product in their hair and use such terminology as "Bro". And an Ashley is a self consumed, fake, ditz who wears too much makeup, spends her daddy's money and uses terminology such as "OMG", "Like, Totally!" and "That's Hot!" and is usually a label whore.
Here is how you will recognize "Chads and Ashleys"
A Chad is the guy at the bar or party who eventually wants to fight everyone to prove that he is in fact a "Bro". Usually believes every girl in the bar wants him and will relentlessly hit on anything with hair.

An Ashley is the girl who is dressed like a hooker in sub 0 temperatures and is falling over drunk but says she's sober. Usually makes her self readily available to every single guy in the bar until later, taking anyone of them home. Then it is typical that she will deny or say that she doesn't remember doing so.

*Both are extremely mentally and emotionally unstable and have delusions of grandeur.
by Obzervative June 28, 2011
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