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is the frothy aftermath of a long night of gay unprotected ass sex in Beirut.

After special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, and getting a new onesie for the beach, Lebanese male often congregate in public and partake in all an night bukkake using a "Chady" as the receiver. It may sound brutal but usually the "Chady" is happy to help his Lebanese friends release what needs to be released. The "Chady" is always trying to please everyone.

During the turn of the century, it was cutomary that every village in Lebanon had a Chady for celebratory purposes. Even to today, it is an honor for a Lebanese man to have a son and name him Chady for these purposes.

Oh the pride of families who are blessed with a Chady.
"Yo Habibi, look at that gay guy over there limping with a wet spot in his cut off jeans..."

"Oh, thats a Chady, he probably has Chadoreaha. Last night was the last Monday night of the week so all his cousins wanted to celebrate - he got Chadholed properly I bet"
by Dutch Voodoo September 26, 2011
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