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verb; used to describe the sloppy foreplay of a long night of drinking. Chachaboochie is something virgins are often good at. Chachaboochie is friction in the pants, uncoordinated thrusting, that may or may not result in a trip to pleasure town for both parties. Chachaboochie can be enjoyed by people of all ages, sizes, and sexual orientations. Chachaboochie can be effective foreplay, if implemented properly. It is a freaky-deaky way to get off when you dont have any condoms. You should always Chachaboochie with care, as poor Chachaboochie-ing can cause sever friction burns on ones genitals. You also cannot chachaboochie alone, but need at least one partner. Once an appendage is involved you have moved on from Chachaboochie, and are now on your way to 1. loosing your vcard or 2. getting it in.
We Chachaboochied all night, I think the friction in my pants caused diaper rash.

Man all I need is some good Chachaboochie to get my day going.
by texascoronita February 22, 2011
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