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A person blindly devoted to the Democratic Party and hostile to any progressives that are critical of President Barack Obama, especially if the tendency is to accurately criticize Obama using the facts of his presidency. Etymology: Bob Cesca's cultish, Democrat-devoted "Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog" is regarded by progressives as having gone over the top in its shameless devotion to Barack Obama, such as when Cesca relentlessly attacked well-regarded progressive Jane Hamsher for denouncing Obama's watered-down Health Care Bill using the facts Obama himself provided while campaigning.

Thus, Bob Cesca + Obamabot = Cescabot.
Cescabots are the most mindless of the Obamabots, defending his every policy - even those that extend the Bush Administration policies they previously attacked when Bush was in office.
by conservaslayer June 28, 2011
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