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A dirty ass school, with no damn respect for anyone. There are a few really nice kids who are actually crazy kids at the school but most are dirty, disgusting ass kids who are on welfare trying to make a living out the ass and only cares about peoples looks,(*ESPECCIALLY FUCKING RACE) Sizes of personal parts, Shoes, Other clothing and the gym locker rooms A.K.A Where you can get the good shit.(Not the lime green dildos you find in the girls gym locker room.) While the rest of the kids are lowkey fucking dirty ass bums trying to get laid by high schoolers after 7th grade.
{Pimple Faced Nigga}: Yo, He sellin for 10$
{His Bestfriend}: I rather sell for 50$
{Bestfriends Girl friend}: Yeah I would too, but not just that.
{His Bestfriend}: Wait.....WHAT!?!? Bae? Are you cheating on me?
{Bestfriends girlfriend runs away before shit pops off and decides to talk shit the next day to her friends.}

Bestfriend means: at CD EAST MIDDLE it means, See you later because I'm just going to forget you and hangout with some other people. Then, come back to school and act like I dont know you.
Girlfriend means: Your were just the last side hoe.

Central Dauphin East Middle: A hot ass mess that should be burned in hell. >:)
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by Text back with a clap. July 11, 2018
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