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A mostly black street gang, operating in the South Titusville neighborhood of Honeysuckle Heights, located in Birmingham, Al. The gangs area includes the central point, Center Street and extends 4 blocks west and 3 blocks north to 6th Ave. Originally founded in 1991 by a family known as 'the Cook Boys" the gang was synonymous for being 'jack boyz' and guns for hire to other gangs. In the early history the gang was ran by a ‘committee’, which was later dissolved in favor of one supreme leader. Coincidentally, the first 'supreme leader' was the gang’s sole white member. The gang began to lose some cohesion around 1998 and subsequently has gone through many changes. Today you can still find Center Street Crips in the area, although the overall dynamic has changed.
Center Street Crips
Hard Time Hustlers
Hill Top Hustlers
by Franklin Jones, III January 07, 2012
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