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Celph Titled (AKA The Rubix Cuban) is a Cuban rapper from Tampa, Florida who is known for being a part of the Demigodz crew as well as a member of Army of the Pharaohs.

Celph is known for his hilarious punchlines and wordplay, on guest appearances his rhymes will likely include wordplay that exploits the double meanings of certain words. His rhymes have historically been considered "weapon centric" focused on humor related to the use of weapons ranging from pistols to bazookas.

He is also known for actively trying to keep the style of hip hop used in the 1990s in the mainstream and has become increasingly influential as a result, proving he is much more than a punchline rapper.
Celph Titled Notable quotes:

"I don't got to use god's name in vain, to get my soldiers to blasphemy (blast-for-me)."Celph

"I can't change laws son, that's a Government issue"
"I break laws with my gun, that's a Government issue"Celph

"I'm like Donkey Kong, I got you n!ggas dodgin' my barrels"Celph

"I'm like a circus show sniper, I aim for the jugular"Celph
by P-Gunna October 29, 2010
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