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A common exercise among high school and college students whose classroom is in a building with bad digital reception. While attempting to send a text message, a student may need to discreetly reach skyward and pretend that they need to stretch their arms in order to get that one necessary bar of reception. A cell phone stretch can last anywhere between 2 and 25 seconds and may be repeated as many times as necessary.

This technique should be used a limited amount of times, as there are several negative consequences:

1. The teacher or professor mistakes your stretching motion as you raising your hand and calls on you to answer a question. Which, of course, you can't answer because the question was posed while you were texting.
2. The teacher or professor becomes suspicious of you constantly stretching.
3. You accidentally wack the football player sitting behind you because you lean too far back (Trust me it's been done before and he does not react nicely).
Guy 1: Dude is your shoulder ok? You hurt it lifting?

Guy 2: Relax man, I'm just doing the cell phone stretch.
by classroomtexter October 07, 2009
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