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A mount in the game World of Warcraft, purchasable with real world currency which has split the playerbase. One side condemning it saying its another milestone towards the end of WoW as we know it. The other oblivious to corperate marketing thinking its the best idea ever since sliced bread believing that through buying it their character will become unique, only to find that everyone else and their mum had the same idea and half their server's running around with one.
Player1 - Man, at the rate of this stunts success we'l be seeing gear and gold for sale within the year.

Player2 - Nonsense! With this service i'le finally be able to stand out from the crowd in dalaran!.

*logs in to find 50 celestial steeds at krasus' landing*

"A fool & his money are easily parted..."
by Soapboxstar April 15, 2010
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