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Sexual position in which a guy using a pull-up bar, hangs from the ceiling and allows his penis to deep throat the girl kneeling below him. Requiring that the guy be strong enough to lift himself up and lower himself down enough to allow his penis to penetrate the girls throat. Going faster to cause friction and the girl slowly applies pressure with her lips and tongue. Upon reaching ejaculation the guy quickly wraps his legs around the girl securing her head and locking her mouth on his penis. The guy then ejaculates and allows the cum to repeatedly ooze into the girls mouth. Being in a face-hugging situation the girl then swallows all the cum being delivered and applies pressure to the tip by using her tongue. The face-hugger can then decide on whether or not he feels that his penis is done.
Guy-"Dude I'm telling you when I get a girl that looks like Kelly Brook, I'm going to give her ceiling worms all day to her!"
Guy2-"Ah, so you can get laid and ripped at the same time!"
by Adam343 February 09, 2014
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