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She’s a intelligent , beautiful, outstanding , goofy 13 year old who will love you to death , so...Okay so this girl right here will ride or die for you . even when you have betrayed her and said sorry Bcz that’s just how she is ! , She’s a good bestfreind to have , Funny , A very goofy type of girl , she dosent compete with others because she feels as if they’re not worth competing with ( unless it’s sports ) ! , She loves sports , and don’t ever get on her bad side when she’s already angry anyways she can be a loyal ride or die type of girl and “ she will love you through right and wrong ” , just know that and she dosent hate anyone ( to be honest )She just dosent like ya attitude or how you have treated / will treat her ! If you ever date her know that you’re lucky because she will never leave your side nor will she be trade you . But just know you’ll argue with her , &’ you can joke around with her over anything . Even though she may be mad for a minute , but then the next minute she’s like “ wassup bf ” or whatever she calls you . You can trust her with lots of things , for some reason other girls will tell other girls what you said but she just dose not .
Ce’Azmin is a trusting , loyal , and funny friend to have .
by Bigbuunny55591 June 12, 2018
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