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Caytlyn is a beautiful girl who is kind to everyone. She has her kind, affectionate, and loving side. But also her quirky, crazy side that's a little insane, which is quickly your favorite thing about her. Her friends are lucky to have her as her boyfriend is the luckiest of all. Everything she does is wonderful and amazing. Caytlyn is an all around extraordinary girl.
Caytlyn is an amazing girl.
by Abi-Tude February 11, 2017
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A beautiful girl that has a bad attitude good at everything will win any argument mean mostly but nice sometimes has a big forehead, beautiful face, nice slim thick body, big ass, big boobs, wears glasses short, insecure, funny, and can be smart sometimes, bad at relationships, fall in love to quick, emotional, and is the woman of your dreams, good at everything, she the realest female you will ever meet,you should have a caytlyn in your life
I need me a Caytlyn

Caytlyn has a fat ass
by Theloverwashere March 16, 2019
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A beautiful female with fat ass and big boobs mostly mean can be nice if she wants to catches an attitude quickly short bold attitude and won’t give a fuck of what ppl say about her she’s a baddie she is known, emotional and have anger issues she don’t care what type of tone she has with you and she doesn’t care if she hurt your feelings a lot of boys think she’s fine can’t keep a relationship for shit smart at times and don’t need friends and can survive in her own and is a good person and understanding don’t fuck with her
Damn I need a caytlyn

She must be caytlyn
You talking bout caytlyn
Damn look at caytlyn
by Theloverwashere March 16, 2019
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