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A really attractive guy. He's fine as fuck and has a sexy ass smile. His voice is hot as fuck, he's confident and has a sense of humor. Attractive guy sexy
"This guy became a Caymen and had me head over heels"
by Thju555 July 31, 2016
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The most amazing guy you’ll ever meet. Probably dating a total queen named Mackenzie. He’s kind, caring, loyal, sweet, funny, thoughtful and all around perfect. He puts the light in the darkest of days and all the stars in the sky. Be lucky if you ever get the chance to meet or talk to a Caymen, because he will bless your life and most likely you’ll fall in love with him. Be careful though, because he’s probably got a girlfriend. And she already knows how amazing he is.
Irrelevant hoe: “omg you know that hot guy caymen?!”
Girlfriend: “yeah, all too well”
Irrelevant hoe: “imma try and cuff him!”
Girlfriend: “good luck with that”
*caymen comes over and starts making out with girlfriend*
Irrelevant hoe: “now that’s how you really make hoes jealous...what a legend”
by kenzielee9999 December 17, 2017
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