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a Caylah is a ray of sunshine:). they are extremely intelligent and talk as though they are much older than they really are. they are constantly smiling and trying to make others smile. they can be extremely goofy & never afraid to be who they are. they have beautiful bright eyes that light up any room, no matter how dark, that they enter. they always put others before themselves & are very trustworthy. they make the best friends. Caylah's are very earth friendly and are always thinking outside of the box about the future of this world. very artistic & sporty. a Caylah could rule the world one day.
I was having such a depressed day until Caylah came in and made me smile.

Caylah's smile makes you feel like you're at the beach when it's 17 degrees outside.
by girl1342 October 05, 2011
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