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Cayenne Cock occurs when a beautiful woman feasts on extremely spicy foods containing hot cayenne peppers. Later in the evening, as she sits on the toilet, she experiences a terrible burning sensation around her anal region. At this moment her horny kinky male lover approaches her, turns her around, and slips his hard cock into her asshole. At first, everything seems fine but soon enough the nerves in the tip of his cock (the glans) are flaming hot resulting from the residual cayenne contained within the woman's ass. The man continues to love her with all his heart, but he proceeds with caution when it comes to anal sex for fear of suffering the pain of Cayenne Cock again.
My gal ate 3 giant bowls of Sri Lankan Curry at lunch and gave me a severe case of Cayenne Cock when we had anal sex that same night.
by smallcock_terb June 15, 2018
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