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Pronounced Ka-Wer this is 2 of 3 words pronounced with a speech impairment intentionally to spice up Kanye West's rhymes on "All Fall Down." This also could have been a simple mistake made by the Producer of the album, Kanye West, not catching these mispronunciations of everyday simple words in the English language when reviewing the album thousands of times in the mixing sessions. However, this could also be some of the dope lingo that Kanye West seems to place into many of his unique, intelligent, awesome, original, phat, chronic, pleasing, cool, jazzy, talented, bitchin rhymes. Cawur should be rhymed with inSekur and Sekur.
Kanye West - "All Falls Down" 30 Seconds in

"tell me that ain't inSekur The concept of school seems so Sekur, Sophomore 3 years aint picked a Cawur"

by Ghostbustersfreak March 24, 2010
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