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A Caveman Diet consists of basically two food groups - meat and leaves. Many believe this type of diet is optimal for humans since that's what we evolved on for tens of thousands of years. Beyond the ingredients, an important part of the Caveman Diet is the method of food preparation. As a rule, everything that can be eaten raw is eaten raw. Cooking methods such as deep-frying or marinating are bypassed entirely. If the meat must be cooked - it's lightly seared and eaten rare. The eggs are sucked raw and the milk is drunk fresh only. No cheese, no sour-cream, no ice-cream. Hi-Carb foods like breads, grains and pasta are left out almost entirely.
This low-carb diet is also effective in rapid weight-loss and muscle gain.
I'm starting the Caveman diet for as long as I can

From now on, Im going Caveman with my food.
by CWO Tobie la Salle April 21, 2008
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