A hybrid word between catfish & phishing.
Catphishing is the act of manipulation a person online into send money or giving up personal information to the catphish.
A catphish often impersonates attractive people to lure vitims into their trap.
A hot chicktried to catphish me on twitter. After we got to know each other, she asked if I can help her with her tuition fees.
by 9fiddy6 May 12, 2018
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telling someone a band or artist is great but in reality they are absolute garbage
"Hey you should check out Phish. They're awesome!"
"Naw dude, I've heard them, don't catphish me."
by Notherson October 5, 2020
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He thought he was in love....but she Catphished him out of all his money...
by Big R in Vegas February 3, 2018
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