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The most ferocious thing you'll ever see in your life. Bred in a top secret Brazilian terrorist lab, the bastards who genetically engineered the Catmandingo had no idea what they were to unleash upon the world. Using their superior knowledge in the fields of genetics and awesome, they fused together three of the most dreaded creatures in known existence: a cat, capable of rubbing up against your leg or triggering some really bad allergies; a man, to most detrimental species to Earth as we know it; and a dingo, happy to eat any baby sacrifice offered to it. Upon it's birth, the Catmandingo rose from it's assumed prison and eviscerated everyone, leaving not a single uber-scientist alive to tell the tale. No one knows what happened to the Catmandingo, or where it went... Maybe it's right behind you, ready to rip your face of and use it to wipe it's Catmandingo ass.
Victim: Bill, can you hear me? Bill...? Hello...?
by Commander Shepard IV March 31, 2010
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