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Catholic school teachers who abuse their power over Catholic school uniform/ free dress codes and behavior policies which were probably created in the Middle Ages. The teachers are usually middle-aged and hypocrites because they break the rules themselves. They hate uniqueness and want you to be like clones of each other. They hate emos, thrashers, punks, scene, ravers, or anybody awesome. They love posers, goody-two-shoes, and snitches. They are prepared for people who come with painted nails, makeup, or "inappropriate" clothes. Their goal is to brainwash awesome people to turn into posers, goody-two-shoes, and snitches.
(At a Catholic School, on the playground)
Teacher:(has dyed hair) Dying your hair is a sin! Detention!!!!
Teacher: And no makeup!!!
Teacher:No talking back to me! Detention!!!(Boy passes by, has pierced ears)BOYS CANNOT WEAR EARRINGS!!!!!!! DETENTION!!
Girl:What's her deal?
Boy: She has Catholic Uniform Patrol Syndrome.
by MariskaBarrios December 25, 2010
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